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AUT Co-Op Internships

Are you an AUT student nearing graduation? Are you looking for a Cooperative Education role that is challenging, rewarding and exciting? Then consider an internship at The Warehouse Group! We pride ourselves on being a customer-led, frontline-focused and people-centred business.

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Not your average retailer; not your average graduates

As a Recruitment Specialist my job is to find talented people who are passionate about what we do at The Warehouse. Part of my role is recruiting for our Store Management Development Programme (SMDP) I help create and promote the content that tells you what the programme is about, which in turn is about helping you decide if the career path we can offer is the right fit for you.
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The Warehouse cares about qualifications

The Warehouse: a company that cares about your qualifications

A lot of people say that landing a foot in your dream career is not about what you know but who you know. As a recent communications graduate, with very few connections, little real world experience, and a large student loan, you can imagine how little this comforted me!

After graduating I applied for jobs and internships almost everywhere, only to receive a lot of disappointing responses. Little did I know at the time, The Warehouse, my current employer, could offer me the chance to further my career in communications.

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