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At the age of 15 Andy started with The Warehouse

Andy Fifita saw the opportunity to turn his job at The Warehouse into a career, and he took it!

At the age of 15 Andy started with The Warehouse working part-time not knowing that Retail could be a career. As he worked more, he discovered a lot about who The Warehouse was and the retail career they could offer him. He hadn’t even turned 18 before he was working within management – since then he has worked within 6 different stores, opened up 4 new stores and has now taken on a position at support office working within Merchandising.”

Andy says he loves a challenge and doesn’t ever get too comfortable in one role. While managing the opening of new stores, he really got insight into visual merchandising through working with the merchandising teams from support office. Here he found a passion for what they did and was keen to take on an opportunity within the team if it came.

“It’s about having that mind switch,” he says. “From the beginning it has made me strive to get up there.”

Through working within management he made good connections with the merchandising team at support office and says he’s fallen right into his new role in trading support for home and leisure.

“This role is going to be a great challenge,” he says, “It’s different because I’m not managing people. I’m working to influence my peers to come to a decision that will meet our shared goal.”

Experience seems to play a big role for him, and he says it is something that he has fought for and developed within the company. When he first started at support office he didn’t feel out of place, everyone greeted him and he knew a lot of the people before he began. He was lucky to have gotten the chance to see and experience what merchandising was like, but from an outside perspective.

“Here I have to put on a store hat and support office hat” he says. “Within my new role I act as a liaison between the merchandise team and management teams in store.”

Now he says he loves how his focus is on ensuring that everything is done in a way that it helps other stores and teams.

Support and recognition has also been a big thing that has helped him throughout his journey within the company. As a manager, Andy focused a lot on engagement and worked to leave a mark in every team he worked with.

“When I got this role I got a lot of positive feedback. I was Assistant Store manager at the time and my Store Manager supported my decision,” he says. “Even old managers I had from before were supporting me.”

Andy says that “The thing about working for The Warehouse is that you gain a family”. On his last day in store his team spoiled him with gifts and he is very grateful for it all. With every store he has left he’s happy to have left his own legacy and is happy to be able to contribute positively.

The Warehouse Careers - Andy

Leaving a positive influence is a focus of his and is something he will bring to support office. Andy appreciates the core purpose and values Stephen Tindall has left within The Warehouse.

“It’s not something that’s just plastered on the wall,” He says. “Our core purpose is implemented in our team model.”

He loves working for the company and says he hopes to progress at support office, and eventually become the general manager for his department.

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Anita Winterstein
Retail Team Member In-store and currently doing work experience in Support Office as an Internal Communications Assistant
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