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CVOur recruiters receive over 40,000 applications per year, how can you make sure you put yourself ahead of the rest? We had a chat with our Recruiters to get their tips and tricks to help you land your dream role with The Warehouse. Before you run, you must first learn to walk, so although some of these tips may seem basic, it is crucial you get them right.

Your CV
1) Make sure ur speling and gramma is write
Making sure that the spelling and grammar on your CV are correct can be crucial when trying to land your next big role. When a recruiter is reading through your CV they are building up an image of you, and you want that image to be flawless and untarnished by careless errors. Make sure to run your CV through Microsoft Word or Grammarly, and get a friend to check it again before you submit your application to The Warehouse.

2) Bullet points over paragraphs, any day of the week
When a recruiter is reading a CV you have less than a minute to capture their attention, less than a minute for you to convince them that you are right for The Warehouse.

  • Bullet points allow the recruiter to focus, large amounts of text can be hard to read
  • List the experience you have that is relevant to the role advertised

3) Ordering your job experiences correctly, relevance is key
Reading through your CV should be quick, easy, and should make sense. Setting out your past job experiences so they are in reverse chronological order (meaning that the most recent one is first) is important. While you’re doing this make sure to also include the dates for each of your jobs including providing details for any significant career gaps. You need to make sure that you are focusing on your relevant job experiences. If you are applying for a managerial role with 25 years of experience then the recruiter isn’t going to place importance on a newspaper delivery job you had when you were 15 years old.

4) Beware of social media
Think twice about posting last night’s party pictures, because there’s a good chance the recruiter will see them too. Before a recruiter takes your application to the next stage they may have searched your name on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms where your personal life might intertwine with your professional. What you put online in the past can influence their decision for the future. Try entering your name into Google to see what the results are and if any might hinder your ability to get a job, remove them (if you are able to). However, search results such as your LinkedIn page and any work you may have done are good to keep online as they show you are savvy and active in managing your personal brand. On the flipside, it may not be such a good idea to leave passionate rants with coarse language on Twitter where recruiters can access them.


5) Do your research
Before you apply at The Warehouse do your research to make sure that The Warehouse is the right place for you. We have a variety of channels where we share information about what it is like to work at The Warehouse, our Recruiters suggest you take a look at them before you apply.
Careers website:

6) Make a list of all the jobs that you have applied for
When you are job searching, it is a common error to be very liberal with who you give your CV to. It is important to remember the jobs you have applied for because it does not leave a good impression on the recruiter if you can’t remember which role you applied for at The Warehouse. An excel spreadsheet is an excellent way of tracking your applications.

Make sure to record:
–        The date you applied
–        The job/ position title
–        The company name
–        Where you saw the job. (Facebook, Seek, LinkedIn, Careers website)
–        Any questions you want to ask the recruiter should they call you
By tracking your applications you can be confident & prepared when the recruiter calls you for a phone interview.

The Interview
7) Dress to impress
You have made it to the interview stage of the recruitment process and you have no idea what to wear. At The Warehouse, all of our recruiters agreed that they liked candidates to look tidy and in ‘smart casual’. This means no jandals, ripped jeans, shorts or t-shirts. It’s always better to be overdressed than under because you can always dress down in the future but if you come looking too casual, it won’t make a good impression.

8) During the interview
Don’t make common mistakes like smoking right before the interview or chewing gum through it.  Ensure you have prepared about 3-4 questions about the role and The Warehouse as the interviewer will want to know that you have done some preparation.

Our recruiters are focused on hiring the best people for our business. Take the time to manage your job application with us so you can be considered for a role with The Warehouse. #retailcareers

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