Sun, sea, and job satisfaction: Why NZ could be your next career move


As your retail career progresses, you might move from the sales floor to an office, from one location to another, even to an entirely new company – it’s all about finding bigger, better, and more challenging roles. But what if your next step takes you halfway across the world? Moving countries for a job seems dramatic, but as some of our expat team at The Warehouse found, the rewards are well worth it.

“When you move to New Zealand to work with The Warehouse Group, you don’t just get a great, community-focused employer and amazing opportunities for career advancement – you also get to live in a beautiful, relaxed, and welcoming country.”

Because we’re used to moving people and their families from overseas, your relocation experience will be as simple, straightforward, and stress-free as possible.

Great opportunities with NZ’s largest retailer

A role with The Warehouse Group means working with one of New Zealand’s largest and best-known retailers. We have 94 stores and around 8000 team nationwide – in a market of just over 4 million people, that makes us New Zealand’s largest retail group.

We’ve been around since 1982, and you’ll find that almost everyone in New Zealand knows and loves us. We love the country too, which is why we’re so committed to our community and environment. This shows up in our ethically sourced and New Zealand-designed products, our local charity projects, and our waste reduction policies.

Our strong community values extend to our people too – we work hard to make sure our team are challenged and satisfied with their work, without sacrificing their personal lives and work/life balance. We offer competitive salaries and great opportunities for career progression.

“The Warehouse is a great place to work as it puts the customer and team members first, and really lives up to the company values. Your voice and feedback are heard and genuinely listened to. The pace is different to the UK – you have the time to spend with your team and customers.” – Tim Lane, moved 2016

This is the lifestyle

Your career is important – but there’s more to life than work. Many of our expat team were drawn to New Zealand’s relaxed lifestyle and famously beautiful natural environment.

“I have always wanted to visit New Zealand due to its natural beauty and friendly people. It’s the only country I have never heard a bad word about. I love the outdoor life and was looking for a slightly slower pace of life.” Tim Lane, moved 2016

Along with an abundance of natural beauty, New Zealand has great food, a temperate climate, and friendly people. Because it’s a former English colony, there is no language barrier if you’re from the UK, and many of our cultural traditions will feel very familiar. This makes it easier for children going in to new schools, and for your family to make new friends.

“The work-and-life balance is great! Amazing country, people and lifestyle, and great coffee! Who wouldn’t want to be part of it?” Alex Vance,  moved 2016

Making the move

“The support from The Warehouse was unbelievable. They arranged absolutely everything for us”.
Russ Vernon, moved 2016

During our three decades in business, we have recruited team members from all over the world, so we understand the process and know how to make it easy. We take care of your visa applications and plane tickets, give advice on accommodation and schooling options, and help sort out all the tricky details.

 “The support from The Warehouse was unbelievable. They arranged absolutely everything for us. We were put in touch with a solicitor from NZ who organised it all. We just had to organise medicals for our visas – the rest was done for us.” Russ Vernon, moved 2016

When you arrive, we continue the support with thorough onboarding, so you feel ready to start your new role.

“My induction and training were great. The store I trained in for my first 12 weeks was so supportive, professionally and personally. My training was pre-planned and I had all the development I needed to get me started – and a knowledgeable manager to share best practice.” – Alex Vance,  moved 2016

It’s all about making your move to New Zealand as simple, straightforward, and stress-free as possible, so you’re ready to dive into your new role – and relaxed new lifestyle.

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