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The world of retail is rapidly changing, and The Warehouse is adapting to meet the expectations of our customers. As more and more retail moves online, giving customers more options than ever before, we think the best way to stay in the market is to focus on positive, sustainable change.

Our purpose remains the same – To help New Zealand to flourish. Our vision is to build a company that delivers long-term sustainable profit growth. To do this were going to focus on digital retail, changing product lines and investing in our team members and local communities community. It all adds up to a company that’s dynamic, forward-thinking, and a great place to work.

Digital development

As people do more and more shopping online, businesses need to move too. The Warehouse Group sites are already collectively the second largest online retailer in New Zealand, but that’s not enough for us. We’re always on the lookout for new ways for our customers to engage with us – like click and collect, our new mobile app, and the ‘endless aisle’ concept – where customers can order online from one of our stores.

We believe that we need to be the leaders in new retail technology – incubating ideas and being early adopters instead of latecomers. In the future, as online retail keeps changing, this could mean finding ways to join our digital and physical environments together. We’re also finding new ways to use data to get in touch & interact with customers one-on-one.

Our digital team is leading the way. We’ve made a point of hiring some of the most creative, talented people for this team, and we treat them a bit like a start-up – so they have the freedom to really innovate, rather than being restricted by working for a big corporation.


Great value, great products 

We have always been known for our incredible value, and that’s never going to change. But a big part of our transformation is changing our product lines. This includes reducing the overall number of products we offer to reduce costs, focusing on value, and giving our customers on trend items that they really want to buy.

Our design team is a great example of this focus. We know that customers are looking for unique, trend-setting designs at an affordable price. So, rather than just buying products ready-made from overseas suppliers, we have built a team of talented Kiwi designers who create original, fashion-forward clothing and homeware designs for our stores.

Caring for communities

Community involvement has always set The Warehouse apart from other retailers – and that’s something that won’t change, no matter how much the business grows. We’re a Kiwi-owned company with strong values, so we’re always looking for ways to support and connect with our customers and our local communities.

One example is The Warehouse Great Community Clean Up. All over New Zealand, our team went out into their communities to clean up local beaches, parks, and reserves. It’s a positive, real-life way for our people to make a difference in their communities. We also raise and distribute over $4 million every year to community groups and initiatives all over New Zealand.


Our people are our future 

Vision and strategy are important, but they won’t amount to much without the support of our team. That’s why we invest so much in our people – we know that giving them the tools, training and support they need to succeed helps us succeed too.

Our incredible digital and design teams are great examples of our investment in people, but at every level of the business, we’re working hard to help our team succeed.

That’s what makes The Warehouse such an exciting, rewarding place to work. When you join the team, you get to be part of a dynamic, forward-looking business, and you’re also valued for your skills and talents – whether you’re a designer, a software developer, or a checkout operator.

Retail is rapidly changing, and The Warehouse is too. If you like change, are agile, fast thinking and customer focused then join our iconic kiwi business change retail in New Zealand.


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