My Co Op work experience story with The Warehouse

While seeking opportunities for my AUT Co-Op programme in 2014, I was recommended to send my resume to the Warehouse Group recruitment team. Early on in my degree I had worked on an assignment researching and evaluating the financial background of The Warehouse Group, so I was aware of the massive effect the iconic company had within the New Zealand Market. Fortunately an interview was set up, where I was able to meet with one of the marketing managers to discuss my background and what I was looking to achieve throughout the 9 weeks of my Co-Op.

After my interview, I was taken on a mini tour of the Support Office – which seemed slightly intimidating at first. It was amazing to get a quick insight into the level of work being produced behind the scenes and was very intrigued to get involved.

My role throughout my Co-Op programme was to assist the Marketing Communications Manager with campaigns, events and in-store marketing collateral for the leisure category. This saw me working with packaging design, creative development of promotional posters and brand development, which is what I was very interested to get involved in. I was able to see my feedback on these designs develop from basic creative concepts to actually being on packaging found in stores. The work I was producing was not only fulfilling but gave me a broad view of how my majors were being applied into various areas of my day to day.

I was exposed to the production and recording of Radio and TV advertisements, and was given the opportunity to work alongside an inspiring team with an extensive knowledge and vast experience within the industry.

The Warehouse Ltd gave me an in-depth understanding of how to manage stakeholders, develop my project management skills and provide me with a level of flexibility that I may not have been able to acquire from a smaller company.

After my placement, which seemed to fly by – I was lucky enough to secure a permanent position. My current role is within the Marketing Communications Trading team, working with various areas of media – responsible for product promotion and reactive business advertising.

I would recommend Co-Op at The Warehouse Ltd for anyone looking for a unique and challenging opportunity, which I believe to be the perfect platform to apply your university learnings, while being able to establish an effective way of working in a professional environment.

Who wrote this?
Will Costello
Marketing Communication Specialist (former AUT Co Op student)
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