Our designs have the ability to be in four million people’s houses

We had a chat with Jade Turner, the Lead designer for the Home and Leisure Summer Collection to discuss his career and the new range that has just been released.

Jade has almost a decade of homeware design experience under his belt! He studied at Massey University Wellington, with a double major in design and fashion. Previously, he worked in advertising and marketing.

Jade was inspired to join The Warehouse design team as “they embrace design and assure that the desirable is always affordable. This is a key factor to incorporate design in New Zealander’s homes, it also means that our designs have the ability to be in four million people’s houses”. Jade’s favourite part about his role is bringing product to life through his designs. Also, there are many options because The Warehouse has so many product ranges. The possibilities are endless! “It feels like a great accomplishment when I see the products in store or even at my friend’s houses. How awesome is that!”

Jade says that “The culture at The Warehouse design team is creative, fun and engaging. They are always full of ideas and the rest of The Warehouse is responsive and accepting of these ideas. There is freedom to design and give suggestions. The Warehouse is very passionate about bringing designer quality products to everyone. I am proud to be a part of this.”

Jade’s Serenity, Natural Wonder and South Beach home range was recently launched into The Warehouse stores for our new Home and Leisure Summer collection. He said “The inspiration behind the three trends comes from a variety of factors, for Serenity I was inspired by Pantones colour of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity : the soft pink and blue pastel tones brought a sense of calm and ease about it. I think all homes should have a space in them where you can unwind and relax and these colours definitely invoke that feeling. Metallic and wood accents with fringe textures and bold shapes combined with soft geometrics make this trend adaptable to any home. Natural wonder was inspired by the beautiful raw textures of New Zealand. From its beachy tones to its forest woodgrains. Natural Wonder has a natural color palette – white, beige, pops of monochrome which really lets the textures be the hero pieces in the range. Jute and woodgrain together with woven textured fabrics, Mongolian sheepskins and beautiful knits make this trend perfect for every New Zealand home. Finally, we have the South Beach trend, now this trend is for the fun and bold, inspired by the 80’s with its tropical Miami vibe this trend brings vibrancy and colour together by mixing strong geometrics, graphic prints and metallic accents. This trend really is about having fun and embracing colour into your home.”

To create this range Jade brainstormed various trends with the buyers and deciding colour pallets. Jade’s involvement in the home new season range is then deciding on a colour pallet, look and feel for the mood boards and designing these trends to the fullest potential. The design team, buyers and suppliers work together to create and agree to three trends every season. Subsequently, marketing and advertising side is organised and the final product is presented to the public. Jade says “The trends for this range are Serenity, Natural Wonder and South beach. Serenity is a modern and on trend range that includes pastels, golds and copper. Natural wonder is based around natural environment that includes textures, warmth and colours such as gold lux.  South beach has an 80’s vibe to it, it portrays creativity, vibrancy and fun. If you haven’t been online or in store yet have a look to get inspired.”

Last week there was a media launch to showcase the three new trends at The Cloud. Jade was involved in presenting the new range via Facebook live to The Warehouse Facebook page followers, it received great response from our viewers. The Facebook video showed handy tips and tricks to style your house with the three trends and incorporate it with what you already have. https://www.facebook.com/TheWarehouseNZ/videos/10154520529731474/

Jade’s advice to future designers is “Don’t be scared to push the limits and boundaries. I think it is important to go out of your comfort zone and be inspired by things you wouldn’t normally be inspired by – sometimes I take a photo of shoes or sky and flip the photo upside down – look at things differently and ideas will come to you. Brainstorm like crazy and don’t ever stop being creative and thinking. Most importantly don’t be afraid of yourself or self-conscious about what you have put out there. Make people take notice. “



Natural Wonder


South Beach


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