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Sun, sea, and job satisfaction: Why NZ could be your next career move


As your retail career progresses, you might move from the sales floor to an office, from one location to another, even to an entirely new company – it’s all about finding bigger, better, and more challenging roles. But what if your next step takes you halfway across the world? Moving countries for a job seems dramatic, but as some of our expat team at The Warehouse found, the rewards are well worth it.

“When you move to New Zealand to work with The Warehouse Group, you don’t just get a great, community-focused employer and amazing opportunities for career advancement – you also get to live in a beautiful, relaxed, and welcoming country.”

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Retail is changing – and so are we



The world of retail is rapidly changing, and The Warehouse is adapting to meet the expectations of our customers. As more and more retail moves online, giving customers more options than ever before, we think the best way to stay in the market is to focus on positive, sustainable change.

Our purpose remains the same – To help New Zealand to flourish. Our vision is to build a company that delivers long-term sustainable profit growth. To do this were going to focus on digital retail, changing product lines and investing in our team members and local communities community. It all adds up to a company that’s dynamic, forward-thinking, and a great place to work.
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Family Violence is not ok

Part of the Warehouse Group’s vision is to help Aotearoa New Zealand flourish. Our strategy is to partner with communities in New Zealand that we all live in to help make New Zealand a great place to live.

We recognise that with a team of 12,000 strong employed with The Warehouse Group right across New Zealand, that our team really are a reflection of the New Zealand community as a whole. We believe that all businesses play an important role in society and collectively we can really make change together. Our aim is that being able to support the really difficult social issues our team members face, we will help New Zealand prosper in the long term.

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The Warehouse Recruiter Tips

CVOur recruiters receive over 40,000 applications per year, how can you make sure you put yourself ahead of the rest? We had a chat with our Recruiters to get their tips and tricks to help you land your dream role with The Warehouse. Before you run, you must first learn to walk, so although some of these tips may seem basic, it is crucial you get them right.

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It’s a kiwi Christmas tradition – The Warehouse team grows

Here at The Warehouse, preparation for the festive season starts well before our shelves are stocked with christmas trees and decorations. Our recruitment team begin their search for Christmas temps in September, giving them plenty of time to search for the perfect candidates to assist with the busiest time of year for The Warehouse stores.

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Retail Employer of the Year for the Fifth Time Running

“If you could pick one retailer to work for, who would it be?” The most important question posed by 2016’s Retail Employer of the Year award.

The Warehouse has taken out a well-deserved fifth successive victory as Retail Employer of the Year in the large employer category. Unlike many other competitions where a panel would determine the winner, this award relied on voting from past and present employees, as well as customers and the local community to crown the winner. Who best to judge what makes a great employer than the team members and customers.

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What The Warehouse does to attract and retain Millennials

Millennials don’t want cool; they want real

Millennials don’t want perks; they want purpose

It is becoming increasingly apparent that high pay, company cars, pool tables and beer fridges aren’t going to cut it when it comes to not only attracting millennials to the workplace but also keeping them around. Here at The Warehouse (part of The Warehouse Group), attracting and retaining millennials is an important company focus that goes far beyond these traditional stereotypes.

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Backing the ‘Back Country’ Range

We had a chat with Jessica (Menswear Buyer), Louise (Menswear Buying Support Specialist) and Nikita (Graphic Designer) to discuss their collaboration and involvement in creating the ‘Back Country’ clothing range.

The Warehouse ‘Back Country’ clothing range is designed in-house. This gives Nikita more control over the design process and the Buyers more control over what is created and distributed in store. Continue Reading

The power of #retailcareers

The Warehouse is part of The Warehouse Group. The Warehouse Group is playing a leadership role promoting Retail as a Career in New Zealand and ensuring it is a desirable career choice.

We are aware of the common misperceptions about our industry, and we are leading our industry to change these. Some of these attitudes include: Retail is poorly paid, it’s boring, and it’s not a real career. These perceptions simply are not true!

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