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September 2016

Digger Dan and his ‘Tasty Tom’ tomatoes

‘Digger Dan’, has been Dan’s nickname from the beginning of his career at The Warehouse. In 1997 his Merchandise team gave him this nickname and it has remained with him throughout his career with The Warehouse.

After starting his retail career in a Garden Centre at the young age of 12, his passion for people and gardening grew. Dan later bought the same Garden business when he was 19 and then sold it to travel to England. On his return to New Zealand in 19997, he was contacted by The Warehouse to develop the green gardening and dry gardening category which was a new market for The Warehouse at that stage. Dan helped develop this category and today The Warehouse has a 20% market share in this category.

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AUT Co-Op Internships

Are you an AUT student nearing graduation? Are you looking for a Cooperative Education role that is challenging, rewarding and exciting? Then consider an internship at The Warehouse Group! We pride ourselves on being a customer-led, frontline-focused and people-centred business.

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Our commitment to New Zealand’s first retail focused degree

The Warehouse Group is committed to changing the perception of Retail as a career and making it a desirable and rewarding career choice for New Zealanders. In 2014, The Warehouse Group partnered with Massey University to develop and launch The Bachelor of Retail and Business Management, New Zealand’s first degree focused exclusively on the retail sector. The degree was created in response to the increasing demand in New Zealand for skilled individuals in retail and business management. The course consists of retail-focused papers, covering a broad range of areas including retail buying and planning, merchandising, strategy and business planning and retail operations, both in a store and online context.

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Be a part of The Warehouse’s digital transformation

The Warehouse is on a mission to become the leading digital retailer in New Zealand. Our growing digital team is made up of skilled individuals who have been working hard to develop outstanding digital experiences for our customers. The team may be small now with just 20 people, but The Warehouse’s digital transformation journey is just getting started and has big plans for the future. Paul Kerr, Digital Recruitment Specialist for The Warehouse, is responsible for recruiting new people to join our growing digital and wider technology teams. He is looking for individuals who can bring the right combination of  technical skills, a positive attitude and agile experience, and must value collaboration and communication over processes and documentation. Not to mention people who want to make an impact to millions of kiwis. Continue Reading

Our designs have the ability to be in four million people’s houses

We had a chat with Jade Turner, the Lead designer for the Home and Leisure Summer Collection to discuss his career and the new range that has just been released.

Jade has almost a decade of homeware design experience under his belt! He studied at Massey University Wellington, with a double major in design and fashion. Previously, he worked in advertising and marketing.

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