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August 2016

10 Hacks to working at The Warehouse Store Support Office

1. Get to know the team in the café, they will remember your coffee and make it for you quicker

Have you ever noticed the guy behind you in the café line who doesn’t have to place his coffee order and the barista knows him by name? This guy’s got it sorted! If you rely on a coffee fix to kick start your morning in the office, get to know the crew in the café, and they’ll be putting your order through before you’ve even swiped your card!

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“I was slightly embarrassed to be seen in a red shirt”

The Warehouse Red Shirts in Schools programme is designed to bridge the gap between school and work, which can be a challenge for many high school students. It offers students a chance to get valuable work experience in retail and help guide them during their transition from school to a career. Students participating in the programme not only get an insight into a retail working environment are also enabled to gain 27 credits towards NCEA Level 2 through the support of a dedicated co-ordinator. Billy participated in the Red Shirts in School program and now works full-time in the new Tauranga store. He shares his story about beginning as a Red Shirts student, his new role and his aspirations to further his career in retail.

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